Hi my dears,

We are at the end of ski week at Sugar Bowl and have been talking over and over about what an amazing job you two did on this house.  It’s so livable and comfortable.


Katelyn (and b, e, j!)

Thank you both for connecting us and for all your help and support.  You are such a great addition to our little community, and as an added bonus, you laugh at my husband’s jokes.

Alicia Ashenberg

You both create beauty in Both our home an within. What a magnificent miracle you both possess.

Janet and Alex Marks

We are very pleased with the progress on the house.  It’s going to be so beautiful. You take all the “work” out of work.

Fay Manderson

Look what you’ve done for us – and on the back of a napkin. Nobody else could have figured out how to turn what we had into what we have.

Ted Shear

Thanks for all your help and kindness.

The house is so peaceful – a real haven – everyone loves it!

Geri Federowitz